South Ribble invests £250,000 in Leyland DAF roadsweepers.


Three brand new sweepers will be keeping the streets of South Ribble clean.

South Ribble Borough Council has invested £250,000 in the new additions, which will replace older vehicles that were coming to the end of the road.

Two are smaller for use on footpaths, car parks and back alleys. The third is a larger sweeper supplied by local vehicle manufacturer Leyland Trucks, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology to keep its emissions low, allowing the council to do its bit for the environment while keeping the roads around the borough tidy.

This latest improvement to the council’s fleet of vehicles follows on from last year’s £800,000 investment in six new waste collection wagons, which have helped to improve operational safety and security for the collection teams working throughout South Ribble.

South Ribble Borough Council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods and streetscene, Councillor Peter Mullineaux, said: “I’m delighted that we have been able to work closely with Leyland Trucks and support a local business by investing in a vehicle that was designed and built right on our door step. Wherever we can we always try to work in partnership with local suppliers.

“This is a great investment for the future and will enable us to continue keeping the borough clean and green. Every year the large sweepers cover the same distance as driving from Leyland to Paris and then back again, and the mini ones travel the equivalent of more than 2,000 laps around the London Olympic Stadium athletics track, so it’s vital that we have a fleet on which we can depend.”

Ron Augustyn, Managing Director at Leyland Trucks Ltd, said: “We are pleased that our local authority has selected DAF LF trucks designed and built here at Leyland Trucks for their road sweeper requirements. Leyland Trucks has been making trucks since 1896 and is the only volume truck maker remaining in the UK. 

“As a proud member of the global PACCAR family, Leyland Trucks is a centre of excellence for light and medium trucks. It is exciting to see our products cleaning the streets near our award winning plant here in Leyland.”

Pictured: (left) Councillor Peter Mullineaux and (right) Ron Augustyn, handing over the keys to the large sweeper.

  • All the dual carriageways are swept twice a year during the night
  • High traffic areas are swept on Sundays - town centres, road junctions, roundabouts and traffic islands etc.
  • Reactive leaf sweeping takes place over a ten week period during autumn
  • The large sweeper clears 278 miles of road channels four times a year
  • The mini sweepers clear 252 miles of footpaths twice a year, 8 miles of back alleys twice a year, 15 car parks twice a year and a further 18 car parks four times a year