Making your vote count!

On May 7, 2015 South Ribble residents will be able to vote in the General Election and borough elections and your vote matters.

1. Make sure you're registered

To be eligible to vote you must be on the electoral register. You had until 20 April, 2015 to register. 

2. Choose how you want to vote

•  In person at a polling station

•  By post

•  By proxy (when someone votes on your behalf)

3. Check your polling card

This is more important than ever because The Boundary Commission undertook a review of South Ribble Borough Council to ensure that Councillor’s are representing an equal number of voters. This has meant that ward boundaries in the area have changed, their names may be different and there's also been a reduction in the number of Councillor’s from 55 to 50.

Don't worry if you lose your polling card, you can still vote. If you know your polling station just go and give your name to the staff and as long as you are registered, you will be able to vote.

4. Casting your vote

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on May 7.

5. The result

The count for the General Election is due to take place throughout the night into the early hours of Friday morning, with the borough council results being declared during the afternoon of Friday, May 8.If you are unsure about any aspect of voting or the election, please call the the office for assistance.