Crime rate falls under Tories

Recorded crime is down by more than ten per cent in both South Ribble and across the UK under this government, and the independent survey shows that the public’s experience of crime is at its lowest level since records began.

The figures released today show falls in crime in every police force in England and Wales. There have also been significant falls in vandalism (down 13%), vehicle-related theft (down 15%) and possession of weapons offences (down 16%).

Savings in back offices and a renewed focus on the frontline have meant that police forces have risen to the challenge of making savings while still cutting crime. This government has played its part by slashing red tape and giving the police one single target: to cut crime.

A College of Policing has also been set up to ensure the police are better equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to fight crime.

England and Wales are safer than they have been for decades, national crime fighting capability continues to improve and the National Crime Agency will be fully operational later this year.