Conservative Christian Fellowship

The Vision and Mission of the CCF is 'Inspiring Christians who support the Conservatives to make a positive impact on society'

- to build a strong, relational bridge between the Party and the Christian Community
- to seek out Christians who support the Conservatives, and encourage and equip them to play their part
- to provide unrivalled help and support to each member in their own quest to make a difference
- to embed prayer as the foundation of all our activity and fellowship.

The Conservative Christian Fellowship is a membership organisation of Christians who support the Conservatives. Our members range from those who just vote Conservative and want to pray and encourage decision makers from MPs to Councillors and Peers. Now, the CCF has members all over the UK and is an interdenominational fellowship.

The CCF contributes to the life and thinking of the Conservative Party and seeks to build a strong, relational bridge between the party and the Christian community. The CCF facilitates meetings between the Christian community and the party on various policy areas such as education, international development, home affairs and community cohesion.

“I have attended many of the meetings the CCF has facilitated and they have been invaluable in building understanding between the church community and the party on some of the most pressing issues in our communities. The work of the CCF is superb.”
Pastor Nims Obunge, CEO Peace Alliance

The CCF provides unrivalled help and support to each CCF member in their own quest to make an impact on our society. The CCF does this by training and equipping members through events such as our Under 35s Development Programme, Annual Wilberforce Address and Leadership Forum.

Those who believe their role is encouragement and prayer are connected to local decision makers to support them in their role.
Prayer and building honourable relationships are the foundations of all that we do at the CCF.

Join the CCF today! Everyone can make an impact as a CCF member.

For more information please visit the CCF website HERE or follow them on Twitter, @uk_ccf