Conservative Foundation

We live in a great country, a country that we believe benefits from Conservative Party leadership.

We want to ensure future generations can enjoy the freedoms and privileges that a Conservative government delivers. If you share this vision you may wish to consider leaving a legacy in your Will to the Conservative Foundation.

The Conservative Foundation offers an opportunity for those who wish to support the Party and safeguard Conservative values for future generations.

It was set-up as an endowment fund, independently managed by a professional Board of Directors. While an integral part of the Conservative family, the Foundation is a separate company and does not involve itself at any level with Party policy determination or implementation.

Bequests given to the Foundation are inheritance tax free, and are placed into a protected ring-fenced fund. The Board are responsible for managing and investing the fund. At the discretion of the Board capital can be released and given to the Party to help fight and win future General Elections.

We believe it is our duty to uphold Conservative values for future generations. With your help, we aim to guarantee that our children, and their children, can live in a Britain where:

- Our individual freedoms and right to social justice are respected and upheld
- Our right to free enterprise and industry is protected and encouraged
- Our dignified institutions and traditions are safeguarded and maintained

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