General Election 2019- The Figures

Katherine Fletcher is our new MP, with a majority of 11,199- the largest any South Ribble MP has held since Sir Robert Atkins' 1983 result. Winning 30,028 votes, or 55.8% of the total, Katherine won a higher share of the vote than any candidate ever in South Ribble. 2019 marked the first time any candidate in South Ribble won more than 30,000 votes since the 1992 General Election.

2019 marks another increased Conservative voteshare in South Ribble, with our vote increasing at every election from 2001 onwards- thanks to the hard work of previous MPs Lorraine Fullbrook and Seema Kennedy.

For the Labour Party, their 35% of the vote is their worst result since 2010- and before that since 1987.