John Rainsbury

South Ribble Borough Ward – Hoole

John is a popular member of the council and the acts as the secretary of the group and is an outstanding councillor following his election in 2011, he plays a key role at the borough as chair of the licencing committee. He served as Mayor of South Ribble from 2018-19. 

See Also

Margaret Smith

Councillor for New Longton & Hutton East, and Leader of the Conservatives on South Ribble Council

Colin Clark

South Ribble Borough Ward – Longton & Hutton West

Colin Coulton

Councillor for Longton & Hutton West

First elected to South Ribble Borough Council in 2001 Colin serves on the Scrutiny committee and is the Chairman of the western parishes MyNeighbourhood forum and has played a proactive role as a member of the community over a number of years.