SRCA Fundraiser – Pampered Chef

A thank you to the 30 or more people who attended SRCA’s first fund raising effort of 2014, the lunch time 'Pampered Chef' gathering took place in ‘Val’s Kitchen’, raising over £200.

Robin Williams attended the successful event and commented "I was amazed by the hand action of the demonstrator, bisecting cherry tomatoes, I was most impressed by the final result: an Italian Ratatouille to which Val threw in a few lettuce and dandelion leaves!!!! Some freshly boiled Jersey new potatoes….. to provide us a healthy lunch. Followed by freshly baked apple crumble balls, along with associated sugar and cream filled cakes. Tut Tut."

Doreen Baker also presented the Association with two cheques on the day;

The first on behalf of our Penwortham Branch, the second being from the SR Women’s Conservative Association. The Association wouldn't be able to funtion without the hard work and dedication of the membership, by both running and supporting events throughout the year. Well done to you all!