Katherine Fletcher is our new Parliamentary candidate!

Katherine Fletcher has been selected as the Conservative parliamentary candidate for South Ribble in the upcoming General Election.

Katherine is a businesswoman, who helped to set up the Northern Powerhouse Partnership. She was selected by members of our Association on Saturday. Her campaign will focus on delivering a successful Brexit for South Ribble, helping to bring in investment to the area as well as working with rural communities, to ensure they are not forgotten.

After the selection she said: “I am delighted to be selected as the Conservative candidate for South Ribble and would like to wish Seema all the best for the future.

“If elected as MP I would carry on with the great work Seema has done here.

“I would continue to push for the infrastructure which allows our economy to thrive, taking lessons from my time with the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, but understanding that a sound-bite is useless if your broadband doesn't work or your phone signal is patchy. 

“For large and small businesses to export and thrive, these are 21st century necessities; along with the road and rail connections which are vital to allow commuters to travel easily to work in all our communities.

“I want to become MP for South Ribble to make sure residents here see their hard work recognised and rewarded so they can lead fulfilling, happy lives.

“I also believe that it’s only the Conservatives who can realise the benefits of Brexit and get our country back on the road to a brighter future and as the Conservative MP I would be best placed to ensure this happens.”