Corbynista Millionaire Visits Penwortham

Corbynista Millionaire Visits Penwortham

Emily Thornberry MP is visiting Penwortham to support the Labour campaign for the Lancashire County council election in May.

It is a bit difficult to see how she will chime with the voters in Penwortham.

Emily Thornberry, whose real name is Lady Emily Nugee, has frequently claimed to be from an ordinary working-class background. Her mother was an ordinary teacher, councillor and Mayor and her father was an ordinary working class international lawyer and Visiting Professor at Kings College, London, before going on to be Assistant Secretary-General of the Untied Nations and an adviser to NATO.

Such is her disregard of working people that she had to resign from the shadow cabinet over a derogatory tweet she sent sneering at a van driver who she saw as a chav.

Her hypocrisy on education will not attract many people in Penwortham; while she will champion comprehensive schools for us ordinary folk, she sends her children to a selective school, 14 miles from her home and well outside her constituency. The chief inspector of schools, Professor Woodhead said: "I celebrate her good sense as a parent and deplore her hypocrisy as a politician. When will those who espouse the virtues of comprehensive education apply the logic of their political message to their children?"

What do Labour supporters think of her?

The Labour supporting Daily Mirror said: “

“And Emily Thornberry proved that if you look like a snob and sound like a snob, then you probably are a snob. And not only do you lose your job, trash your socialist credentials and make the hierarchy of the Labour Party look like a bunch of out of touch metropolitan elitists – you deaden the hearts of loyal, despairing, Labour voters many of whom now feel angry and abandoned by a party that used to understand them but which they now don’t recognise or connect with.”

She is Corbyn’s close ally and represents the Labour Party today, why would anybody want to vote for this party?


By County Councillor Graham Gooch