Local News

Spreading the word

South Ribble Conservatives are set to step up election campaigning across the constituency with a number of canvassing dates already confirmed. The South Ribble Borough Council group need your help in delivering an InTouch leaflet, highlighting details of their recently announced investment and tax freezing budget.

Budget Speech

See the budget speech, by Conservative Councillor and Cabinet Member for Finance, Stephen Robinson from South Ribble Borough Council in relation to a council tax freeze. Labour voted against while offering no alternative budget proposals.

PCC Visits Penwortham

Labour Lancashire Police and Crime Commisionaire is set to visit Penwortham and explain his reasoning for announcing the police local tax precept will rise by 1.99%.

Canvass Session Dates Revealed

Association member support is requested for a number of canvas sessions across the South Ribble constituency. Join fellow like minded Conservatives over the coming months campaigning across the area, in order to continue to build on the excellent work of both Lorraine and your local Councillors.

Association Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association has been called for 28th February at 7-30pm, all members are invited to attend.

Association Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association has been called by the Chairman for 28th February at the Leyland Conservative Club, all members are invited to attend.

Icelandic Investment Returned

ALMOST all of the £5m deposited in two failed Icelandic banks by South Ribble Borough Council has now been recovered.A final payment made to the council this week means that it has now got back all of its £3 million long-term deposit with Landsbanki, having already received 94% of its £2 million short-term deposit with Heritable. It takes the total recovered to more than £4.9 million.

LCC Tory Leader on BT link

Lancashire County Council has announced that it is going to second hundreds of its staff to a private company which is entirely owned by BT. The announcement came as a shock, as it follows months of the Labour Administration, backed by the LibDems, falsely accusing the Conservatives of 'outsourcing' County Council services to a company in which the Council had a 40 per cent share and 3 Directors on the Board.

LCC Conservatives express concern for staff

The Lancashire County Council Labour Administration, backed by the LibDems, has caused alarm amongst the whole of the workforce at County Hall by announcing that 2,500 jobs will have to go. This number has been arrived at by the simple mathematical calculation of dividing the total employee savings required by the average salary.

Village Parades at Risk

Association Chairman Councillor Malcolm Barron fears traditional village parades across Lancashire are in jeopardy following new guidance not to support marshalling traditional parades and walking days that have taken place across the County for generations.