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Vote for Penwortham's Andy Pratt this Thursday!

Crucial PCC elections this Thursday with our own Andy Pratt as the Conservative Candidate for Lancashire, we thought we let you know a little of the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Andy himself, he wants to be the voice of the people to the police, secure an efficient and effective police and set the budget, appoint and hold to account the Chief Constable, set the police and crime objectives, bring together all partners, to make sure local priorities are joined up.

The Facts

Ahead of tonight's final #LeadersDebate on BBC Scotland at 8pm, here are the facts of the Scottish Parliament election.

Keeping communities safe

New figures show that crime in England and Wales has fallen by 32% since 2010, to its lowest level ever.By continuing to cut crime, Conservatives have shown that they can keep communities safer

A New National Living Wage

Today, 1.3 million of the lowest paid working people in Britain, aged 25 or over, will get a direct pay rise.The new National Living Wage will start at £7.20 an hour, and is expected to rise to

Robert Halfon, Deputy Chairman of Conservative Party speaks on the party review

Robert Halfon, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and MP for Harlow speaks to ConHome regarding the party reviewThe Conservative Party is perhaps the greatest political movement in the Western world: it has been at the forefront of fighting oppression abroad and ahead of the great debates on free trade, social justice, and democratic politics.  Our members and leaders fought to end slavery, brought in the corn laws for cheaper food tariffs, legislated for trade unionism, ensured that all women had the vote, protected Britain from Nazism, built thousands of houses for working people, enabled people on low incomes to buy their own home and – with regularity – brought our country back to recovery when facing the economic precipice.