Apprenticeships Article


We’re making sure young people who don’t want to go to university can still carry on learning and developing their skills. By investing in high-quality apprenticeships, we are also equipping the workforce with the skills our economy needs in the 21st century. Conservatives in Government have delivered a record number of apprenticeships. More than 450,000 people started an apprenticeship last year, a massive 60 per cent increase. Apprenticeships are a win-win. Theapprentice gets the chance to learn and earn at the same time and the employer loyal, well-trained staff. They also boost the life chances of young people and are a sound investment in our future competitiveness.

For every £1 invested in an apprentice there is an estimated £18 benefit to the wider economy. So when times are tough, it’s right that we give all young people a chance to better themselves and help employers to secure the high-quality skills they need. Under Labour youth unemployment soared by 40 per cent. The number of young people neither earning or learning was rising long before the recession started. Too many young people weren’t given the opportunities they needed to get on in life.